We make your sales
We do not "advertise", "promote" or "drive traffic".
We do complex Internet marketing:
  • we find errors in the work of your departments
  • we analyze the relevance of your offer
  • we optimize advertising costs
  • we create effective strategies
  • we setting up sales
  • we take your business to a whole new level.

Let's define your tasks

Make a beautiful site, be in the TOP, get thousands, no - tens of thousands of visits...
All this is very good and we know how to do it. But what do you really need? What is the end goal? And the final goals, as it turns out, are completely different:

Growth in sales, branding, growth in the average bill, increase in profitability, formation of a core of loyal customers, possibly - growth in capitalization.

And then it turns out that:

  • a beautiful site can be inconvenient;
  • the request is in the top, but there are no orders;
  • there are a lot of visits, but they are not thematic.

And examples of ineffective situations can be continued indefinitely.
We propose to solve your problems comprehensively.
If we want to avoid this - let's start over: what is your ultimate goal?

Our range of services:

We have experience in most commercial topics:

Building materials, plumbing, household appliances, repair, construction, furniture, real estate, medicine, cosmetics, beauty salons, auto parts, cars, jewelry, children's products, electronics, clothing, shoes, food, household goods, industrial equipment and components, trade equipment, language courses, loans, investment activities.
And happy to learn new things.

Technical part

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Setting up statistics systems
  • Landing page
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Hosting
  • Setting up triggers
  • Collection of partner databases
  • Set up online payments
  • Call control

Customer acquisition

  • Contextual advertising
  • Price aggregators
  • SEO promotion
  • PR companies
  • Social networks
  • Youtube
  • Media advertising
  • Press releases
  • Partner networks
  • Direct mail

Sales work

  • Strategic planning
  • Product analytics
  • Usability
  • Sales funnel
  • Growth of the average check
  • Loyalty programs
  • Mystery shopper
  • Personnel control
  • Marketing research

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